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WWE Wrestlers Real Names

The Rock

Have you heard of Dwayne Johnson, third generation Superstar, eight time WWE Champion and the Host of TNT`s The Hero? No, but you most certainly heard of The Rock, which is Dwayne Johnson`s pseudonym.

The Rock also starred in Fast and Furious 6 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation movies, raising his eyebrow on every occasion.

Rey Mysterio

Who would have said that person behind the comic-book-like masked character and such a hero-like pseudonym like Rey Mysterio ,the one living by the heroically strict moral code and one of most beloved WWA fighters, is very human-like guy called Oscar Gutierrez, father and husband with interests in music?


You don`t know who Christopher Ford is? No surprise at al… But you probably know Crowbar, Devon Storm, Tempest , Judas, Storm and Salem. These are all pseudonyms of a guy who was hardcore Champion, World Tag Team champion and Cruise Weight champion. Go Chris!


If you have been trained by the guy known widely as Sweet Daddy Siki, you will probably pick a name for yourself that is a bit catchier than Adam Joseph Copeland. Yes, Egde`s real name is Adam Joseph Copeland. He also performed under the names Damon Striker, Sexton Hardcastle Conquistador uno and Adam Impact. Retired after 31 WWA victories, Edge today works as an actor

Hulk Hogan

Probably the best known WWA fighter ever, known even among those who aren`t even sure what WWE is.

Pop cultural phenomenon of Hulk Hogan, the pop and wrestling icon of the `80s, followed by his fans Hulkmaniacs, none of that would sound as catchy as it does if he kept his original name Terry Gene Bollea – that`s for sure.


Does the name Scot Levy, University of Delaware alumni with degree in criminal justice, Mensa member and the man with Type-2 diabetes sounds familiar? Does this ring any bells? Probably not, yet if you are a WWA fan you must know him as Raven, or by some other of his ring names – Jonny Polo, Scotty the Body or
Scotty Flamingo.

The Sandman

ECW Heavy weight five-time champion, for which he holds record, Hardcore semi-retired legend Sandman`s name is actually James Fullington. Sandman also performed under the ring name Hak. To be honest – the name Sandman does put shivers in your bones, very much unlike James Fullington.

Triple H

Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Triple H`s real name is Paul Michael Levesque.The son-in law of McMahon family (the one that pretty much owns WWE).

WWE World Heavyweight Champion for nine times, also performed under names Jean-Paul Lévesque, Terra Ryzing, Terror Risin’ before he became Triple H.


The longest running performer in WWE, which he joined in 1990. The Undertaker`s real name is Mark William Calaway. During his career he also performed under names The Commando,Cain the Undertaker,Mark Callous, Mean Mark, The Master of Pain, Dice Morgan, The Punisher and Texas Red. The one that fits the best is most definitely the one that stuck – The Undertaker.

Big Show

The name Paul Donald Wright Jr. sound as if it belongs to, for example, librarian or cello teacher, yet it belongs to no other but Big Show. The monster in the ring, Big Shaw also performed as The Giant, which is the nickname he still sometime uses in ring, The Big Nasty Bastard and The Showster.

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