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World’s Most Expensive Beers

15. Samuel Adam’s Utopias

Here’s a beer you’ll pay for $150 for only 0.7 liters. Although it aged in sherry, brandy, cognac etc. batches and it’s produced only once in every two years, it’s still a big price to pay for one bottle of this beverage. But the true beer lovers might get interested in it – there’s a pinch of maple syrup in every bottle. It’s worth trying, for sure.

14. Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale

This limited edition of Neil Brewing’s beers has a great story behind it – the members of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society brought the ice all the way from Antarctica and melted it in order to make beer out of it. It was sold in auction for $1.850 per bottle and everything this company earned it gave to Sea Shepherd Society, so they would preserve life on the seas.

13. Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee

When it comes to taste, this is the beer that got more attention than any other – with two sorts of sugar, one from Mexico and other from Belgium, it has the sweetness and the stickiness that were promised in the product’s name. And the more it ages; it gets better – just like wine. You’d have to pay $17 for 650ml but that’s totally reasonable price for something this good.

12. Brewdog’s the End of History

If you buy world’s third strongest and second most expensive beer, you’ll get it in a taxidermied animal – maybe a weasel, maybe a squirrel or a hare. With 55% of alcohol, the 300ml of this beer will cost you $765, but not only you get good taste, you also get a true experience of luxury and extravagance, which makes you think it’s not really that much for everything you get.

11. Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage No. 1

Smokey aroma is always something that makes every beer special, and this is exactly one of them. Carlsberg’s Jacobsen special edition not only took time to make one of the world’s most luxurious beers, but also hired artists who would take care of the bottle’s appearance. Their products are now worth $400 for 370ml and let’s just say – it totally paid off.

10. Tutankhamun Ale

Now, this is extravagance in a nutshell: scientists have managed to recreate the taste beer had back in the ancient Egypt. After they determined the ingredients, Tutankhamun Ale was ready for sale – the first bottle of it was sold for more than $7.000, but later you could find it in supermarkets for only $75. It’s not that it’s not expensive, but the price really went down.

9. Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager

Proclaimed as the best Australian beer ever made, Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager is so luxurious you can’t even buy it in a regular bottle – it’s only sold in wine-like ones. Although there are only 8000 bottles produced every year, it’s enough for the ones who really like it and who can afford it – one bottle of it costs $800.

8. Space Barley

If you heard of a bear that’s brewed in International Space Station, you’d probably refuse to believe it at first, but also think how insane its price could be. You’d have to pay $110 for a six-pack, but honestly, it’s really not that much compared to the other ones from our list. They really thought about everything: this beer has dark color so it would remind you of space.

7. Schorschbock 57

Adding raisins to beer so it would have better flavor really seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? That’s what this company did – their limited edition had to be special. With 55% of alcohol drinking this beer must be a true joy, although you’d have to pay $275 for one bottle of it. It makes me want to start saving money right now!

6. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

Back to reality – this is a beer you’d pay $44 for, and although it is expensive, you’d maybe consider spending that much money on luxurious beer once in your life, unlike the other ones we mentioned on our list. With an amazing sweetness from caramel and its clear texture, this is a beer you’d probably never get enough of.

5. Vielle Bon Secours

This is a beer that’s put the richest and the toughest beer drinkers into a dilemma: whether to spend $500-1000 dollars on it or not? However, you can’t possibly buy it on your own – this beer is served only in restaurants that are too expensive for us to even think about them. Although it’s said it has an amazing flavor (which is certain), the price of it really hurts.

4. Sin the Bismarck

Although its price is $85 per bottle, you should be very careful when you open it – it has 41% of alcohol and it’s meant to last long. It says to sink the Bismarck, but you could easily sink if you drink too much of it – it’s considered the world’s strongest beer, being distilled and frozen more times than any other. It’s a challenge to drink up this one!

3. Deschutes Brewery Jubel 2015

There’s a myth behind this beer and I’m sure you’ll love it – after stealing one jug from the brewery that makes this beer, a thief lost it. Workers of the factory found it later, but it was frozen. When it melted, they decided to try it – and it was amazing! This story doesn’t even have to be true; it’s just easy to believe in it. The bottle of this interesting beer will cost you $18.

2. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

We decided to cool it down a little bit before grand finale – here’s a bottle of beer you’ll pay $20 for, but still get a great taste. It’s released on Black Friday, so men could skip shopping with their wives and enjoy themselves. Created with chocolate, vanilla and smoke aroma, this beer will never let you down – it just makes you miss it over the year.

1. Trappist Westvleteren 12

This beer comes to us from France – there’s a brewery in a small town Saint Sixtus where you can only get it for a reasonable price, about $50. But if you have no way to come to France, you can pay from this beer from $85 to $625. It is an insane difference, but I think we all trust France breweries – they just can’t make any liquor badly.

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