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Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

Long hours at the airport are no one’s favorite thing in the world. But, during those hours you get to meet people all around the world, see something interesting and hear knock out traveling stories. Also, you get to have fun. Long waiting hours, a bunch of bored people, and hilarious outcomes are a must. We have gathered the most epic and over the top photos from airports of travelers finding crazy ways to pass the time in the airport.

These people are making the best of a lousy situation, making us all laugh. Take a peek at this collection of phenomenal airport travelers!

1. Mister Pink

When someone stands out you can’t miss him or her. Especially when it’s him, wearing a pink from head to toe. This is a way to travel! Making everyone’s day better and rocking your style!

This is also a good way to keep people away and have some privacy during your flight. Furthermore, it’s a great way to head to New York Fashion Week perhaps?

2. Airport Nap Time

Sleeping in airports is illegal and dangerous. However, sometimes you need to spend a night there waiting for your next flight. Also, it’s a good option if you are on a budget. Remember, this is not the Ritz, but you could do worse.

Everything is better done in pair. And this couple is a real example. Be assured that they were more napping than sleeping. We will never know how much minutes of shut-eye they actually had.

3. Human Delivery

Airfare tickets are always eyesore due to their high prices. But you would never guess that there are people paying one ticket for two adults. And it means that one gets the seat and the second one gets to ride in a suitcase. Literally.

This guy almost pulled it off. But the baggage attendant was unable to pick up the bag that was too heavy. Maybe this saved his life.

4. Baby Checked?

We can only imagine how hard and stressful is to go through airport security with your baggage, baby in the arm and constant shoe-off and shoes-on kind of control. Moreover, in those situations, you have to think and act fast. That’s just what this mom did.

Yes, this is potentially a dangerous situation. Baby could fall off or go through the metal detector. However, we are sure that mommy was extra fast and that she wouldn’t put the baby in that germ-ridden security bins without a good reason. It seems that the new adventurer is born.

5. Improvisation Is Mother Of Invention

The best things are crossing your mind when you least expect them. The same rule goes for airport sleeping. There is always a solution to an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, this guy made a comfy couch for sleeping.

There are certain moments when using a red suitcase instead of a comfortable pillow is fine. Especially when you are tired and you have hours until your next flight. Hope he didn’t get a stiff neck.

6. Chairs Or Not Chairs?

When you find a system you should stick to it. That’s exactly what this lady did. She found a great way to have a cozy bed to snuggle up and sleep until her next flight.

Sleeping in the airport is not legal, but it’s not illegal if you find a good bed solution. Great solutions come to those who search in the most challenging situation. Major props to her!

7. Moving Walkway

Students can make fun out of everything, including these three. They are having the time of their lives making up moves on the moving walkway. They are just doing these crazy positions to kill as much time as possible.

You would think that there are only two girls at first. But, there is a dude as well, just laying on the floor. The guy on the floor is holding the group. True teamwork here. Bet they manage to make the shape of a letter. Or even an entire alphabet.

8. Mini Cooper Advertising

An airport is a great place for some jaw-dropping advertising. After all, everyone is there, from a CEO to a newbie. Plus, there are people coming and going all day long. Advertisers are able to reach a crazy number of people. And Mini Cooper used it well.

Mini Cooper set a standard when it comes to airport advertising. They launched a simple campaign that included huge billboard that looks like the baggage claim belt that delivers the luggage right into the trunk of the car. Simple and jaw-dropping, right?

9. Plank Escalator

You know that someone is really into fitness when you see him planking on an escalator. This is an original move for sure, but the right question is if it’s brilliant or dangerous!

Imagine seeing this scene at the airport. You would think at first that person might be dead, right? You are not the only one. Stay tuned for more!

10. Roulette Baggage Claim

Sometimes waiting for your suitcase can feel like a little game of baggage claim roulette. And casinos are well aware of it. Therefore, they know how to make baggage claim fun.

Playing a roulette after a long flight is a real deal, and this unique advertising technique is here to put a smile on your face, at least. If you are lucky enough you will hit favorite number and color. All in!

11. Plane Pull

What to do when you see a number of people pulling a plain? You Google it, of course, to see what in the world is happening here. You will see that a plane pull is actually a normal thing.

There is even the Special Olympics Plane Pull. You just need one airplane and a team of 15 members to enter the contest. The goal is to see which team can pull 50-ton aircraft the fastest.

12. No Second Base

Nothing says goodbye to a loved one like a strong hug and a long kiss. However, if you find yourself at the Aalborg Airport in Denmark, those goodbyes will be limited to 3 minutes and not a second longer.

This Kiss & Goodbye zone was designed especially for the loved ones. You can park there, say goodbye and kiss. All that in just three minutes.

13. Location, Location, Location

What makes a good ad great? Location. Adidas rolled up commercial over the entrance to the airport. It looks like you are entering the world of football.

Adidas build this ad as part of their big build-up to the FIFA 2006 World Cup. They decided to literally launch players into the public with their +10 Impossible Team campaign. So, TBWA had launched a huge outdoor campaign on the road to and from the Munich airport, with Oliver Kahn, a German goalkeeper.

14. Fergie Time

Celebrities are celebrities for a reason, but it doesn’t mean that they can get away with anything. Moreover, standard rules apply to them as well. Including airport rules, and apparently, no one knows that as Fergie does.

Fergie encountered some issues while going through security at the airport. She had to pass multiple security points and even get a pat down. She looks O.K. with it?

15. Polar Airline

Nothing says Alaska like the animal world in its wilderness. But, what happens when the wilderness comes to the runaway? That is just what polar bears did at Utqiagvik in Alaska.

Utqiagvik become a one-day-home not only for one polar bear but two. It seems that they just wanted to say ‘hello’ and run toward the snow. Marine mammals are protected and airport personnel is not authorized to haze or chase them. Luckily, they avoid any contact with humans.

16. Sleeping Hour

For a place that forbids sleeping, a significant number of people sleeps around. You can find a number of people sleeping everywhere and at any period of time. Including this lady. Because why not, right?

This lady is living her life in this wooden chair. It looks far from comfortable, but it seems that she doesn’t care about it at all. Shoe off, feet up and she is all set for the sleep of her life.

17. Dead Or Just Sleeping?

When you get to that point that you can’t stay awake any minute longer you don’t care where you gonna put your head on. Occasionally, the floor is a perfect solution. Though this lady seems too peaceful.

Travelers sleeping in airports are pretty safe, but occasionally there were a few missing gadgets and unwanted touches. So, if you are exhausted, stay near other passengers, just in case.

18. Superstars On Board

You know how hard it is to walk through a crowded airport, right? Imagine how challenging it can be for celebrities to do the same. Selfie-requests, fans, paparazzi, people screaming your name… It’s a lot.

Travelling often implies flying often. Even Beyonce does it! However, the chances are that you are not gonna see her standing in line to board the plane. But, you can see her in the VIP area, for rich, famous and important people.

19. Catwalk

Some people love wow affect, including airports. This lady is a great example of wow affect. Skintight dress and heels, paired with captivating hair and makeup, gives an impression that she just came from a photo shoot, or she is about to jump into a movie set.

Looks like she is using the airport runway as a perfect rehearsal scene for a real catwalk one day. No better way to practice wow affect than in front of real people, right?

20. Doggy Passenger

There are certain rules when it comes to bringing your pet with you on boards. Rules can vary from airline to an airline, but some general regulations say that dogs under 20 pounds are permitted to board the flight.

We can’t tell for sure how this bigger canine got his chance to be a co-passenger, but we love it. Maybe it is a therapy dog or simply a pilot’s best friend. We can tell for sure that passengers on this flight got their share of in-flight enjoyment!

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