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“Game of Thrones” Actors: How Tall Are They Really?

No other show gathered so many fans around the world like GoT did. No wonder – unexpected plot twists, incorporated magic,  cruel scenes, it sure had gotten many of us mesmerized.

And when a show gets huge like this one, truly dedicated fans want to know everything about GoT cast as well. Have you ever wondered how tall Snow is? Or any other character?

Do you know who’s the tallest and who’s the smallest star? You are not sure? You are about to learn. Get ready to enjoy this gallery mapping the cast’s heights, and learn who is the tallest one.

20. Peter Dinklage, 1,35m (4’5”)

Peter Dinklage made us love the show even more with his impeccable acting. He was perfect for playing Tyrion. Peter is just fantastic. And probably bigger than you though, right?

Peter said that he learned how to be in peace with his height and condition (he has a form of dwarfism, called achondroplasia). He is only focused on getting new awards. Way to go Peter!

19. Bella Ramsey 1,5 m (4’11”)

Fans went crazy about Bella ever since she first put a foot on the show as Little Lyanna Mormont. Bella perfectly played action-packed ruler Lyanna. This girl comes with a powerful army behind her.

It’s hard to believe that the role of Lyanna was Bella’s first role. This role definitely put her on acting map. We can’t wait to see what career brings her and how tall she will be by the time she reaches 21!

18. Maisie Williams 1,55m (5’11”)

One of the most interesting characters of the show, Arys, literally grown up on the set. This jaw-dropping warrior reached its full height and she is now fabulous 1,55m.

Arya Stark may still be a girl, but there is no soldier that can stop her. On the other hand, Maisie says that she is nothing like Arya. She loves to label herself as a nerd and a bookworm!

17. Emilia Clarke 1.57m (5’2”)

The unstoppable Mother of Dragons stopped growing when she reached 1.57m. We saw Denerys going from being a fragile and naive girl to becoming what she is today.

Khaleesi was an instant success. We saw her being all alone and reaching her darkest point. So, what is there left for loved Khaleesi? Emilia Clarke talked about the emotional ending of the show, saying that, ‘hearing it all come together … Everyone was crying.”

16. Michelle Fairley 1,65m (5’5”)

Every house comes with a strong female figure that protects everyone. For the Stark’s that was Catelyn Stark. Portrayed by Michelle Fairley, she added up to Catelyn’s attitude with her height, making her one of the taller characters.

Although in the show Michelle seems like the ultimate mother figure, in reality, she is far from that. Fairley has been open about her absence of desire to have any children herself!

15. Hannah Murray 1,65m (5’5”)

The Free Folk really got under our skin once Gilly entered the scene. This 1,65m persona went a long way toward being the mother and (and half-sister) of a baby named Sam. She loves having Sam’s in her life, no?

We are about to see what will happen with this character and her relationship with big Sam. Hannah Murray stated that she only has optimism about Gilly and Sam. So, do we.

14. Lena Headey 1,66m (5’55’)

Just one centimeter of height difference in Hannah Murray and astonishing Lena Headey. Be realistic, could you imagine anyone else on heels ruling the King’s Landing?

In real life, Lena is so far from Cersei and evil queen persona. She is too busy being an advocate for many humanitarian causes and building her career!

13. Natalia Tena 1,66m (5’55’)

Here is the true Cercei height match! Natalie shares Cercei’s height, but not her longevity in the show. Tena portrayed Osha, a woman of the Wilding on a mission to get Rickon to the Winterfall.

She proved to be trustworthy before Ramsey stab her in the neck. However, Natalie had some epic roles outside of the GoT as well, including playing Tonks in the Harry Potter movies. She is on the rise and we can’t wait to see her shine.

12. Natalie Dormer 1,68m (5’6”)

Margaery Tyrell always had just one dream. To be THE queen. Unfortunately, her opponent was a world-class Cersei, so she had no chance. However, Natalie is known for being fit and action-oriented. No wonder she got a chance to run in the ‘Hunger Games’ as well.

Dormer is an activist and identifies as a feminist. She stated: “It upsets me that the younger generation of women think it’s a dirty word and associate it with a kind of militantism or a sense of female superiority. It’s not. It just means liberation and equality.”

11. Carice Van Houten 1,68m (5’6”)

How tall you have to be to live for centuries? Apparently 1,68m. Carice played long-living Melisandre who had a magical necklace to appear young and beautiful. Also, the necklace helped her get away with her scheming and plotting.

Carice is a full-time actress and singer, and a published writer. ‘Anti Glamor; a style guide and celebration of friendship’ is the name of her book that she wrote with her friend, Dutch actress Halina Reign.

10. Nathalie Emmanuel 1,70m (5’7”)

People are taller across the ocean in Westeros it seems. TV’s most famous slave girl is 1,70m tall. But, did you know that Nathalie Emmanuel originally is actually British?

This British actress got her kickstart on this tv show, but it doesn’t mean that you could only see her here. Moreover, you probably know her from Furious 7 as well!

9. Jack Gleeson 1,70m (5’7”)

Sometimes playing the most hated character is not easy. Even 1,70m can’t help you. It seems that Jack Gleeson landed the role of his life with this TV show. He is one of the most hated TV characters ever.

Everyone wanted up to see this character dead, and when he finally died, everyone felt that justice was served finally. After this role, Jack left his acting career for good. Was the hate too much?

8. Indira Varma 1,71m (5’7”)

If only a kiss could kill… Well, Ellaria Sand showed us its possible! She is the one that killed the last surviving child of Jamie and Cersei. She is more dangerous than meets the eye.

However, in real life Varma is more pleasant in real life! Furthermore, she looks great in normal ‘regular’ clothes, as well as she looks great in her clothes for a murder mission!

7. Kit Harington 1,73m (5’8”)

Remember when Dany told Sarsa that she used to love someone who was taller than John? That was said on purpose, as Kit jokes about his height in general. But it doesn’t stop John to win hearts.

It seems that Kit is not bothered too much with his height as he is on ‘growing scale’ when it comes to boosting his career. You know a lot, Kit Harington.

6. Sophie Turner 1,75m (5’9”)

You have probably noticed that Sophie seems taller than the others? That’s because she actually is. Sophie is 1,75m. This is a great addition to Sansa’s developed character and her stronger personality.

Sansa had to grow up quicker than others and it made her stronger. That’s how we got Sansa that we have today. In real life, Sophie just got engaged and she is in new Jonas Brother’s music video.

5. Sean Bean 1,79m (5’10”)

Ned was one of the most loved characters in the first GoT season. Furthermore, he is one of the favorite characters in the book series. Luckily, Sean Bean had all this height to handle this fame.

When the series started filming, Ned was one of the highest profiled actors of the cast. Therefore, so many were shocked when his character got killed off so early. But, Martin and the directors knew exactly what they were doing!

4. Isaac Hempstead Wright 1,80m (5’11’)

Isaac had that luck to get one of the most interesting roles in the show. Bran went a long way from climbing wall, becoming a Warg and getting home. Just like Maisie, Isaac grew up on the set. Up to being 1,80m.

Being able to see into minds, the past, and the future set Bran on an adventure of a lifetime. Landing this role, for Isaac, was an incredible way to start his acting career.

3. Kristofer Hivju 1,83m (6’0”)

What a bundle of energy came with this red-haired leader of the Wildings. Tormund helped Jon Snow survive while at Castle Black. Furthermore, he keeps supporting him with his impeccable fighting skills.

Kristofer Hivju is one of the tallest actors in GoT. He was born in Norway. Role of Tormund made his beard something of a world-famous phenomenon! And you probably noticed him in The Fate of the Furious.

2. Gwendoline Christie 1,91 m, (6’3”)

Brienne of Tarth fights better than any man. In addition, Gwendoline is the only women on the taller side of the list. With time her role got more significant, and she is one of the key players now.

A combo of great acting skills and captivating height got her the role of Brienne of Tarth. Furthermore, Gwendoline has a role in two Star Wars movie and she even started out as a model.

1. Ian Whyte 2,16m (7’1”)

Ok, so you probably knew this one. But did you knew that Ian Whyte comes close at 7’1”?. The tallest actor in the show gave us a great time while defending everyone from the White Walkers. Furthermore, he played a crucial role in saving Jon’s life. Many times.

Ian Whyte used to be a basketball player. No wonder, right? Nowadays he is an actor and stuntman, and he is doing a great job.

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