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17 Cheap And Easy DIY Toys For Kids

The best way to help someone learn something is to engage him, and that’s why toys and games are so beneficial for kids any age. Moreover, if you want to help your kid develop cognitive skills you should involve him or her in the making process as well. Nothing beats DIY when it comes to that.

DIY is a fun and represents easy way to engage your kids in the learning process. Besides, they are also inexpensive to make. So, snoop around the house and make some knock-off toys for kids. Search for inspiration in these 17 handmade examples!

1. Book House

Let your kid organize his/her place. You need a softcover book with colorful paper, scissors, glue and a few pincers for the ‘laundry room’ area. Every second page is a different room.

This is a great way for your kid to spend hours by himself or having the neighbors over for some lunch making. Also, some serious organizational skill will be developed.

2. Magic Wand

So, your kid is a Harry Potter fan? If so, the chances are that you are as well. Enter the world of magic with magical necessities. Start with the magic wand.

Find a wooden stick. Glue a small magnet at one point. Below glue the string in 4-5 rounds and spray or paint with brown and white for a more of a rustic look. And… Expelliarmus!

3. Basketball Table

Ok, the truth is that this one can be used as the office basketball as well. But, if your kid is sports fanatic this is a great way to help him stay active while being indoors.

For this game, you will need a paper/or strong board, glue, couple of paper cups, markers, paper, and miniature baseballs. Don’t forget to track the score!

4. Soccer Players

Soccer time is always a great way to keep kids active and healthy. But, what to do when it’s raining and your kid wants to kick that ball? Just play indoor, of course!

You don’t even need a real field, a dining table will do. All you have to do is to cut the players outline, color them in your team’s colors and put them on.

5. Shooting Paper Cups

This one is great both for one-on-one game style and when you are having over a dozen of kids for birthday cake and playtime. Moreover, its safe and great last-minute idea.

How to make it? One paper cup without the bottom, one balloon, twisted and tied on one side and cut by length on the other one. Pull over the paper cup and place the small ball. Done in 20 seconds.

6. Let There Be An Optimus Prime

Let’s face it, both kids and adults are huge Transformer fans. Cars + aliens + some awesome mechanical transformations. What’s there not to like?

Luckily, you can order car body online and just glue it. However, you will need a great space of scope and time to build it, but we are sure that your kid will love it!

7. Hand Shake Toy

This is an old-timer in the world of kids toys. Handshake toy is great for toddlers and youngsters. Also, it’s easy to make, safe to use, and entertaining above all.

If you have a baby, this will be a great toy once your kid turns 9 months – after that period they need something to knock off.

8. Drum Kit

Music strengthens listening, speaking, and attention skills. Therefore, it’s extremely important for the kid’s overall development. Why not nurture that with adequate music kit?

Make drum sticks! For the drums, you can use any can that you have lying around. Grab a thin wood from your backyard and place wine plug (make a hole inside) on top. Make sure that the sticks are slick.

9. Lightsaber Toy

Every Star Wars fan knows that having a lightsaber in your home is ‘a must’. That being said, having kids means that you should teach them how to fight Darth Vader.

You will need colored cellophane, laminating film over it and a few seconds in laminating machine. Roll it, tape it and place the foil on small hand light battery. May the force be with you.

10. Big Water Balloons

This is not psychically a toy, but it’s a great way for a kid to spend its time. Next, it is the most simple thing ever to make and it requires time outside. It’s a win-win situation here.

Grab a big bucket, put home detergent together with cold water and mix. For bigger balloons, you can use the DIY frame: two identical sticks, the string between them and soak in.

11. String Art

This simple DIY project is just too cool not to be done! Exploring geometry was never so fun. Your kid will have a blast making beautiful parabolic curves and even custom designs.

You will need foam core board, or even wood, many push pins, colorful strings, and glue just in case. Pick the shape and make sure that you don’t leave your kid alone while crafting this art.

12. Blanket Fort

Having a blanket fort is something that your kid will just love, especially if there are many siblings. No better place to share dreams. This playground is also easy to set and disable.

Just let your kid build one and he or she will gather the materials in one house-run. Also, make sure that your kid puts everything back as it was.

13. Stones For Play

You can do wonders with stones and some paint. Grab as many stones as you and your kid could bring and wash them. Have a bucket of paint on the side or many markers.

You can color them with your kid or have a theme, like – My solar system rocks. Make sure that you pick bigger stones, especially if you have a toddler. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises.

14. The Outdoor Giant Chalkboard

Kids love to write and to doodle in general. Actually, the bigger the area for them to doodle, happier the kids. So, why not have an all-year-round-area for them to draw?

You can buy chalkboard and just place it, or you can paint with chalkboard paint the part of the outdoor wall or fence and have an instant creative area.

15. Playful Rug

There is a mysterious link between kids and rugs, or floor in general. They love spending their time crawling or watching TV/reading while sitting on a comfortable cushion floor-based. So, you should use this area for some playful activities.

You can make a theme around kid’s rug, so it can be a visit to the zoo, an alphabet/spelling rug or anything science-oriented with specific steps. Just combine all the stitches and make a rugish playground.

16. Robin Hood Kit

This may come as a surprise, but not many people know that archery is a fitness activity that aids in muscle development, but even mental health. So, why not treat your kid with proper Robin Hood kit for less than $10?

Use PVC pipe to make a bow and arrow. Tie your string on one end and pull it tight to the other one. Use a duck tape for the middle and for the arrows choose softer material.

17. Indoor Hopscotch Mat

Indoor hopscotch mat is a great indoor activity, especially when there is bad weather outside. Moreover, you can remove it as you like and make it again. It’s that easy!

You just need a colorful duck tape and goodwill. Create a hopscotch outline and start playing. You can remove it once you wear it off, or even better – your kid can do it.

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