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20 Super Rich Celebrities Who Live Surprisingly Humble Life

20. Sarah Jessica Parker

Although she holds net worth of nearly $100 million, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is nothing like Carry Bradshaw when it comes to causal relation to finances, overspending, fancy restaurant and posh lifestyle. Although she now lives in Greenwich Village now and is as rich as she is, Parker came from really bad financial background, from the family which lived on the welfare. Her childhood is what keeps her grounded and responsible when it comes to finances and lifestyle.

19. Sarah Michelle Gellar

The star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scooby Doo, Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband, Freddie Prince Jr. have combined net worth of over $15 million, but they tend to keep away from the spotlight, living normal family. Gellar even spoke of her routine of looking for products on sale and cutting coupons. She regularly financially supports charity organization Habitat for Humanity.

18. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel`s monthly account was accidentally made public when she was filing for divorce from Ben Gibbard. Turns out that New Girl is surprisingly responsible, spending less than one quarter of her monthly income. While Deschanel earns $95 000, she spent $22,500. Only 40% or her assets were actually on her account, while the rest was invested in stocks and real estate.

17. Jay Leno

Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno has net worth of roughly $250 million, but his spending habits, aside from extensive car collection, are in fact quite humble. Leno explained that all of his talk-show money goes to savings, and that all the money he spends comes from the stand-up comedy gigs he does on the side. Leno ensured himself financial care-free retirement, that`s for sure!

16. Dave Grohl

Former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters front man Gave Grohl has net worth of around $225 million, but he is far, far from living any sort of extravagant life. Grohl does live in big house with high-end music studio included, but that`s about it. Grohl says he is setting an example of being responsible with money for his two daughters, and he seems to be genuine in his intention.

15. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has a reputation for being master saver, and given the fact that she has net worth of $75 million, her middle-America lifestyle seems even frugal. Banks claims that her accountant regularly laughs at her when she asks whether she can afford something, even admitting: I am frugal. When it comes to fancy restaurants – Cheesecake factory tops the luxury list.

14. Jennifer Lawrence

Although she has net worth of between $2 and $7 million, Academy Award winner actress Jennifer Lawrence still lives in the same apartment she moved in when she came to L.A. Unlike her colleagues, Lawrence drives Chevy Volt and cringes at $4 valet parking price tag. Living such a normal life makes one like already incredibly likable Lawrence even more.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio

Sure Leonardo DiCaprio has huge net worth, $200 million to be exact, but he has one car – Toyota Prius. Aside from Toyota, Leo does own one luxurious thing – an island he purchased for $2.5 million. He is huge donator for various environment preservation organizations, but when it comes to his own lifestyle – the actor is very, very humble. He explains that he spends responsibly, in order for his savings to provide him with freedom to actually choose the projects he wants to take part in.

12. Paul McCartney

One would think that 70+ person with net worth of $1 billion would not worry much about his finances. However Paul McCartney is not only a penny pitcher, he crossed to the realm of being cheap! McCartney famously made the guests pay for their own drinks at the party he threw for his ex-wife Heather Mills, and refused to pay for college tuition for any other but affordable state school for his daughter Stella!

11. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell spoke of her spending habits at Conan O’Brien’s late night show. Bell admitted that she uses coupons on regular basis, and that her husband Dax Shepard is also very frugal. Unlike other celebrity weddings, Bell and Shepard’s was at the courthouse, and the ceremony expenses, including the gas to get them there were $140! The couple has combined net worth of $18 million, but they sure count every penny.

10. Warren Buffet

Second richest man in America and one of the financially most influential figures on the globe, Warren Buffet has net worth of $58.5 billion. However, Buffet still lives in the same house he bought for roughly $30000 in 1958, and although he is known to be the one to take the bill at fancy restaurants, he prefers hamburgers and cherry coke. Buffet lives very humbled, without fancy cars or gadgets, not even owning computer!

9. Eva Longoria

If you thought that Eva Longoria is anything like Gabrielle Solis – guess again. Desperate House Wives actress has net worth of $35 million, but is known to be a responsible spender.

Although her wedding with her ex-husband Tony Parker did cost over a million, the gifts each guest got didn’t exactly came from her pocket – L’Oreal, Bebe and Cole Haan products guests got were all freebies!

8. Marishka Hargitay

Law and Order- Special Victims Unit star Marishka Hargitay has net worth of around $30 million and is the highest paid TV actress. However, Hargitay is not much of a spender, and as she explained, she constantly worries about money, since she is aware that fame is temporary thing that can end at any point of her career.

7. Tobey Maguire

Childhood between teenage parents who split a couple of years after he was born, mom and dad doing badly paid jobs and bouncing around from town to town, thought Tobey Maguire the value of financial stability. The Spiderman actor has net worth of no less than $26 million, and lives very savvy lifestyle, claiming that he does so in order never to be forced to make a movie just to make ends meet.

6. Carrie Underwood

American Idol talent show winner and winner of six Grammies since, Carrie Underwood is the richest country singer with net worth of $55 million. Underwood is, however not to prone to spending and buying just for its own sake, and she stated that spending hundreds of dollars on, for example, a pair of jeans, makes no sense to her whatsoever. She also clips coupons and avoids buying unnecessary stuff.

5. Eric Clapton

One of the greatest guitar players ever, Eric Clapton was spotted waiting for his laundry at local laundryman in Los Angeles. Despite net worth of $250 million and iconic status, Clapton washes his own laundry. Down to Earth by all means, but Clapton is not cheap – he owns expensive car and art collection, but does not overspend on regular, everyday things.

4. Katie Couric

Talk show host and TV anchor Katie Couric has significant money stash weighting over $50 million. However, Couric is famous for being frugal, using common cosmetics brands, borrowing clothes from friends rather than buying things she does not absolutely need.

Her co-host, Matt Lauer even joked that every now and then when Katie opens her wallets – moths fly out.

3. Renee Zelweger

Sure, Rene Zelweger appears at red carpet events wearing Carolina Herrera and such things, but away from the spotlight – Bridget Jones is completely down to earth, money saving, recycling and coupon clipping person. Zelweger attributes her responsible and frugal lifestyle to her immigrant, hard working parents who though her the value of work and earned dollar.

2. Darius Rucker

Even after his career first took off with Hootie and the Blow Fish, Darius Rucker was facing some serious financial issues. Musician who does not hesitate to shop at Target or pick up his kids from school on regular bases, claims that even though he has $14 million net worth now, he very well remembers how it was growing up poor, raised by a single mom.

1. Hilary Swank

With net worth of over $40 million, it’s fair to say that Hilary Swank can afford pretty much anything she wants. Still, actress regularly clips coupons for her local supermarket, and although her wardrobe does contain designer-tagged clothes, she is no stranger to going through the sale rack at Gap at all!

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