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20 Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Had Plastic Surgery

20. Steven Tyler

Much like Vince Neil, Steven Tyler also had some nip-tucking when aging struck him. Aerosmith frontman, famous for his rubbery face, admitted to undergoing more than one procedure in order to keep his face wrinkle free. Tyler`s procedures included both face lifting and Botox injections.

19. Mickey Rourke

Formerly handsome Mickey Rourke combined with years of boxing and drinking, resulted in far-from-handsome version of Rourke. At some point, he woke up and decided that he should do something about his appearance, but he, apparently picked the wrong surgeon, ending up looking even worse than before.

18. Howard Stern

Switching from radio to TV, famous radio DJ Howard Stern adjusted his appearance to the new situation. Stern admitted to undergoing a whole string of treatments, including facelift on more than one occasion and scar removal. On top of that, Stern is rumored to have done some transplantation job on his hair too.

17. Reed Ewing

Modern family star Reed Ewing does not only admit that he has been frequent at plastic surgeon`s office, he also openly spoke of him being way too carried away when it comes to the issue of cosmetic surgery. Ewing said that he is now stuck with too many bookings for way too many cosmetic procedures.

16. Dominic Purcell

Prison Brake star Dominic Purcell underwent plastic surgery over necessity, rather than vanity – unlike most of his colleagues. Purcell had to have impromptu nose job after the falling iron bell cut open his head on the movie set. Once his reasons are heard, all other male celebrities` seem like pure vanity.

15. Paul Hogan

The Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan went under knife in 2003, in order to achieve `more facial expression`. Whether he actually thought so, or he was simply not good coping with his own aging, Australian actor did some obvious facial surgery, following in the footstep of his wife at the time, Linda Kozlowski.

14. Enrique Iglesias

Minimal and huge at the same time, the procedure Enrique Iglesias went through was incredibly notable. Pop star had his face-mole removed in 2003, and even though he claimed that the possibility of it becoming malignant is what convinced him, we are more prone to believing that he simply had enough of it. One way or another – he got rid of it.

13. Gordon Ramsay

One of the most feared chefs the world has ever seen, Gordon Ramsay also had quite obvious cosmetic work done. He filled in the deep grooves on his chin, and he claims that his children were the ones who pushed him into that decision. Allegedly, in 2010, chef`s daughter attempted to fit the coin into the gaps as he was asleep.

12. Michael Douglas

It was back in 2005 when changes on Michael Douglas` face became apparent, and lacerations and gauze were spotted on his at-the-time recent photos. Although famous actor denied visiting plastic surgeon at first, it became more and more obvious that he is actually a frequent customer there

11. Vince Neil

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil spent significant number of years partying hard and living a true rock`n`rolla life. However, all that took toll on his face, and Neil was far from the idea of letting go of his formerly good looks. He even documented his procedures for VH1, and those included brow lift, cheek lift and rhinoplasty.

10. Sylvester Stallone

Although Sylvester Stallone claims that the only cosmetic surgery he ever went through was the semi-facelift over the facial nerve damage he suffered from forceps since he was a baby, we are more prone to believing that vanity and aging had more to do with that `semi` surgery. And we also believe that there were a couple more of those.

9. Kenny Rogers

Aside from his famous beard, little on Kenny Rogers` face has been left untouched. Famous country musician went through so many surgeries that he changed his appearance almost beyond recognition. After numerous face lifts and other procedures, even Rogers admitted he got a bit carried away.

8. Jermaine Jackson

If there is such thing as genetic predisposition for getting hooked on plastic surgery, Jermain Jackson would be a perfect candidate. Being a sibling of late Michael whose plastic surgeries could hardly even be counted, Janet and LaToya, Jermaine actually turns out to be one of less-intervened on Jackson family members!

7. Clay Aiken

Runner-up of American Idol contest, Clay Aiken had series of surgeries regarding the medical problem he was struggling with, regarding his jaw. However, Aiken combined necessity with the chance for improvement and also had a chin liposuction at the same time. So he wouldn`t waste any time on surgeon`s table, naturally.

6. George Clooney

Yet another unlikely candidate for plastic surgery, especially since he has the reputation of Hollywood`s hottest, George Clooney also had a little help from plastic surgeon when it came to maintaining that hotie image of his. Clooney had an eye-lid lift operation back in 2007.

5. Gene Simmons

Given his entrepreneurism, it`s real wonder that Gene Simons hasn`t turned his combo of plastic surgeries into a signature product. All jokes aside, KISS guitar player has undergone serious number of surgeries – and he did it all in front of the cameras, as part of his Gene Simmons Family Jewels show.

4. Dwayne Johnson

Some of Hollywood`s seeming most unlikely candidates are in fact those male celebrities who have underwent cosmetic surgeries. One such celebrity is former MMA and current action movie star Dwayne The Rock Johnson. After the workout failed to shift the flab on his abs, The Rock gave it a shot with liposuction.

3. Burt Reynolds

Although he remains persistent in his claims that he hasn`t gone through the plastic surgery, Burt Reynolds` face claims completely different things. The only thing famous actor does admit is the eyelid surgery in 1980s, which was somewhat of the necessity after being hurt while filming the fighting scenes.

2. Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield would have been one of the last people on earth one could imagine going through the plastic surgery, if only he never met Mike Tyson. After the infamous 1997 match with Tyson, the one in which Holyfield`s ear got bitten off, he had to undergo the reconstructive plastic surgery.

1. Colin White

Another plastic surgery done on celebrity caused by anything but vanity is corrective surgery done on New Jersey Devils star Colin White. After he had a puck ricocheted against his face, White was forced to do the reconstructive surgery of his nose and he rest of the damaged face area.

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