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15 GMO Foods to Avoid

15. Corn

This might be one of the most dangerous food on our list – not only it can cause several kidney and liver diseases, it’s also found everywhere – how many products made out of corn can you think of? A million probably, and not to mention ones made out of corn flour.

So it’s for the best to avoid it, since you probably can’t know for sure.

14. Beef

It does sound funny, but beef can become a GMO food only if cows eat soy or corn, which are genetically modified. That’s why you shouldn’t buy any meet products which are not claimed to be organic and farmed naturally. Wouldn’t we all like to have our own stables and watch our animals eat food that is healthy?

13. Dairy Products

This is a similar story to the one before – only this one is more serious, since some people actually feed their animals with hormones that are meant to produce more milk. In fact, even milk itself can be genetically modified – so watch out, read product labels carefully and never think of what’s “supposed to be”, but what it is.

12. Soy

Here’s what the problem is when it comes to soy – it can contain lecithin, which is not even soy’s natural product, it’s what’s left from the process making soy oil. Lecithin can contain pesticides and allergens that can usually cause pancreatic problems and that’s only one of the wide range of health problems.

11. Ice Cream

If you ever tried making an ice cream on your own, you can immediately tell the difference between one that’s homemade and other one you buy. Ice cream can contain genetically modified DNA found in syrups and starch they put in it. So you better find some homemade ice cream which is proven to be made by all natural products.

10. Zucchini and Yellow Squash

These two vegetable types are made in the way to be resistible to viruses. That’s the first red alert, but it’s also dangerous to eat them because we don’t know for certain whether they’re dangerous or not. The only thing we know for sure is that Bt toxin can be found in your blood after eating genetically modified one – so why take that risk?

9. Sugar Beets

One thing that’s problematic about this plant is that it’s not strong enough to grow with weeds – they destroy it. Because of that, farmers discovered the way of defeating wild grass by adding toxic chemicals during plant’s growing process. Sugar beets produce sucrose, so it’s better to avoid products that contain it.

8. Sausage

A product that’s made not only out of meet, but requires additives is surely suspicious – they can put anything they want in the mixture so they would get a sausage that weighs more, which means you’ll pay more for it.

The ideal solution is to buy not only sausages, but every meat product from a butcher you’re confident about.

7. Synthetic Vitamins

Most of synthetic vitamins have vegetable base, which is usually corn or soy oil – which we talked about before. The tricky thing with this one is that mostly children use it for creating a stronger immunity. Probably the safest way of avoiding GMO products is to get vitamins only from fresh, organic fruit, without adding any supplements if possible.

6. Tomatoes

Since it’s a vegetable, it’s hard for you to rate whether it’s natural or genetically modified – there’s one example of putting a fish gene in tomato. Although it’s not that much dangerous, it still decreases this vegetable’s nutritive value. And you probably always know when you try one – you can feel it by the taste.

5. Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial product made to substitute sugar – it’s a non-saccharide sweetener that many companies add to their products to call them “sugar-free”. So, pay attention, sometimes it’s better to buy sweet products instead of replacing them with fake ones. This additive is made out of genetically modified bacteria, so it’s 100% unnatural.

4. Infant Formula

Although many people don’t feed their kids with it, some of them have no choice. Infant formula can be dangerous – they’re usually made out of genetically modified milk or soy, which serve like a base for making one of these. You should try buying ones who are 100% organic or find a way of feeding your baby with squashed vegetables instead, or any other thing that’s natural.

3. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are usually made out of corn, soybean or cotton, which we talked about before – they’re probably added some of the toxins to resist weeds and grass. Unless it’s specifically said these oils are 100% natural, you should probably rethink your choice – there are big chances of them being genetically modified and harming your health.

2. Flax

The only fields with genetically modified flax plants have been located in Canada – but we can’t possibly find every single one of them that came from that area.

So here’s another thing to be careful about – even flax can carry GM DNA and it’s probably exported from Canada to the other parts of the world. Take care.

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup

After being converted from corn to corn starch and later from that to corn syrup, this is the least natural product you can get from corn that you’ve already heard about. Mercury was once found in corn syrup as a waste of oil-making process, but it wasn’t removed. So, don’t find alternatives – it’s unhealthy and it surely doesn’t help you get fit – avoid it as much as you can!

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